I have returned!! Mwahaha!! :D – This time it’s an animation project~

Hello world! Or people of the internets who happened to pass by my blog post here on WordPress. I have, as I (sort of) said I would, returned to my blog my posting with a new project! The new project in our Visual Literacy class this time consists of creating an ANIMATION! YAY!! (I do love animation, as much as I hate the stress and pressure and just wanting to pull my hair out it’s still quite a selfish,satisfying and fun occupation to have~) We are still required to work within our groups for the project (boo. ;^; ) however this time we will be judged more on our actual work than group and team work.  Our theme remains as “State of Change” and our brief, in a nutshell is as follows:

The organisers of the Bradford Animation Festival have
invited your agency to submit short, animated films on
theme of ‘change of state’ to be entered into their
‘Professional Films’ category.

We were given a list of options for our animation shorts, and our groups could pick two. The two we chose were “human flesh to bone” and “human to werewolf”. I will be working on the latter!

This is sure to be fun, despite the short time given to complete this. Time to get working!! 😀

What now?!

Hey guys, if you’ve been keeping track of my blog then you’d know, or even if you don’t then here’s an update, I’ve finished my character turnaround sheet~ So what now? Well there’s one last thing left of this group project before the presentation – a billboard poster ad design!  I’m not much into advertising but I want to give everything a go atleast once! (tbh I don’t have much choice in this situation anyway >¬<” ) Also it seems my logo design did win in the end in our group, so hurray!! I think it’s about time to wrap this baby up – time to get cracking! (Not literally, don’t go wrapping up babies. Or cracking them for that matter. 😛 ) Anyhoo, let’s do our best for the last part of this project!! It’s been interesting for sure. :3


Hey guys, recently I’ve not been feeling to good (I’m sure you don’t want to hear how I threw up my insides so I’ll stop there 😛 ) so my progress has been a little slow. None the less I’m not too far behind. 🙂 I managed to keep in touch with my group members and decided on things. Regarding the logo, everyone loved my idea so we all drew a design or two, mine wasn’t the best but I’m okay with that. One of the others’ designs were much better thought out and draw so I liked their designs better anyway. 🙂 Most of us already had drawn sketch pages and such for our character design and are drawing a final turnaround sheet. In my case I think the pre-cursed Medusa design was by far my favourite anyway and had decided on drawing. Off I pop – to drawing things!! 😀

September 2020