New Pixiv/DA profile image

New Pixiv/DA profile image

Not really relevant to my project but I thought I’d just..leave..this here…I intend to use this blog after the project too anyway so why not?

Greek Mythical Creature Character Design – Sketchdump

greek myth sketchdumpYep, a sketchdump or something of the Greek beasties I found most interesting/ considered using as final. I think I’ll leave it at this until I’ve spoken to everyone else in the group about their opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚

Echidna, Pegasus and Hydra.

Echidna, Pegasus and Hydra.

Looking around for information on Pegasus, it seems it’s all about the same. It was born from Medusa blood after Perseus killed her, it’s often seen as a white stallion with wings and later became the one to bring the thunder to Zeus. I also looked at Hydra but I don’t think it would be best to use it in this project, but I did some sketches anyway. Also, I came upon the story of Echidna – though I’m not sure how to make it worth with our project I’m interested in trying to draw her. Her half nymph, half serpent features remind me of nagas/naginis so I’ll draw and see how it goes!

Medusa: More analysis

Medusa: More analysis

The more I search, the more Ideas I get! another link on Medusa and her appearance. This says pretty much what the other say with the addition of:

* Black tongue that was too big for her mouth

*Serpent wings

*Clawed hands

*Previously she was portrayed in several ways – as a winged horse like Pegasus, as a “woman with equine hindquarters and wings in her hair” and then later, after seeing some portraits of her, the current idea of a reptilian snake haired, scaley clawed woman.



Trying to draw a mythical being can be hard – I refuse to look at images as this may give me a stereotypical and common idea as to what to draw, so I felt it best to search texts that describe and interpret the different appearances Medusa supposedly had. There is more insight in this link but what I gathered regarding the appearance is :ย 


*Hair of reptilian snakes, and scales.

*Has wings, but possible they also turned to snakes

* Has boar tusks


….I really am beginning to feel sorry for her. :c

Mascot Analysing

Mascot Analysing

Chester Cheetah – the mascot for Cheetos crisps – has always been on of my favourite mascots, As a kid I used to eat Cheetos partially because he was on the packet. Guess he’s doing his job well, huh? But what exactly is it that makes him a successful mascot? Up until now there have been quite a few changes and tweaks to him throughout the years but I’ll focus on the Chester Cheetah that is current.

* Cheetah > Cheetos. Easily associated and memorable
*The slogan “Dangerously cheesy” fits with the fact he is a cheetah – a wild animal
*Similar colour scheme
*Cool,suave and now intelligent, he appeals to his audience. First he was appealing to younger ages but when the company decided they wanted to appeal to the older demographic also they tweaked his design. In ads they gave him a sharp accent, he’s not mean but is cynical and intelligent – as seen in the ad where he is playing chess. For kids he had, and still has, a “too cool” attitude, giving the impression to kids that if they eat Cheetos, they will be cool. Or something.

I probably missed a lot of points but it would take a while and require going into it’s history. Either way, Chester Cheetah is a successful, memorable and cool mascot, always will be for me. :’)

Medusa and Pegasus

Medusa and Pegasus

After spending all week stuck on who to draw for my character design, I went off to watch Percy Jackson and Disney’s Hercules for “research” *wink wink* ๐Ÿ˜‰ and inspiration. Well guess what guys? I GOT AN IDEA!! //lightbulb moment. From Percy Jackson I loved the idea of drawing Medusa and from Hercules I was in love with Pegasus. How convenient for me that the two are actually linked in the same story in the myths? Not sure if Medusa actually counts as a Greek God but seeing as it’s link edI think it should be fine. The story of Medusa (and Pegasus) that I got from this link; cut short:

*Medusa is the sole mortal from the three Gorgon sisters and vows to be a priestess for Athena, meaning she must remain celibate > however she is charmed and married Poseidon, the consequence being she breaks her promise to Athena and is cursed by her. The result is…not so pretty. > She flees and wandered around (Africa apparently?) and develops a character befitting her appearance. (I would too to be fair.) > Perseus comes along and kills her and upon her death her snakes/hair become Pegasus. The End.

Now wasn’t that a cheerful story kids? Either way it gave me a great idea for the ad banner/poster and character design. It also fits well for this week’s ย task – Thinking about memorable characters for other brands and also listing clichรฉ /opposite traits for our own.

For Medusa, and also Pegasus, it works pretty well and is straightforward. The Medusa everyone knows:

*Has snakes for hair

*Is evil

*Turns others to stone with her gaze

*Skin doesn’t look too great..

The opposites of these would in fact be Medusa’s original form wouldn’t they? Those being:

*Lush, gold locks

* Pretty Skin

*Is loving and kind

*Has bright blue eyes (ones that seduce a God ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So whichever version of Medusa I create, I would still be able to use the opposite and would still be Medusa anyway? Sounds good.

As for Pegasus? Not sure what the opposite would be for a winged horse but I would assume:

*White > black

*Feathered wings > bare wings

* Brave, confident posture > cowardly or perhaps more sinister pose??

Not sure what else to do there.

I’ll keep thinking of ideas and sketch once I finish the logo design! ๐Ÿ™‚



Even within Greek mythology I could find ways to satiate my obsession with dragons. Or atleast something similar. I thought of the Hydra after remembering the movie Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. I found this link and took some notes.

Things I noted:

* Rather than a dragon, as depicted often, it’s actually a giant snake body.

*The number of heads deviated between 5-100, it varied but 9 heads was seen as the standard.

*Heads, if cut, grew back. Some variations say two grew back in place of one.

*Couldn’t be harmed by weapons

*CERBERUS’ SIBLING?!? *has a Harry Potter moment*


With these notes I got a couple of ideas but haven’t totally decided on choosing to draw Hydra for my final character design. I may do some sketches anyway to explore the idea further anyway.

January 2014