What now?!

Hey guys, if you’ve been keeping track of my blog then you’d know, or even if you don’t then here’s an update, I’ve finished my character turnaround sheet~ So what now? Well there’s one last thing left of this group project before the presentation – a billboard poster ad design!  I’m not much into advertising but I want to give everything a go atleast once! (tbh I don’t have much choice in this situation anyway >¬<” ) Also it seems my logo design did win in the end in our group, so hurray!! I think it’s about time to wrap this baby up – time to get cracking! (Not literally, don’t go wrapping up babies. Or cracking them for that matter. 😛 ) Anyhoo, let’s do our best for the last part of this project!! It’s been interesting for sure. :3

Medusa Turnaround Sheet – Final

Medusa Turnaround Sheet - Final

I finally finished the turnaround sheet! (Hurray!) 😀 Being my first time doing a turnaround sheet I struggled to get it right and measured correctly so they were the same at first, but with help from guides and grids and stuff, I got there! I took some tips from the previous blog link and took note of having one arm bent and one arm straight to help later on. I think I did okay, a lot more simple than I’m used to doing but doesn’t look too shabby if I say so myself. What do you guys think? Constructive criticism/critique is always welcome! Now…I just wait and see what my group thinks.

Medusa Turnaround Sheet WIP

Medusa Turnaround Sheet WIP

I figured it might be useful to post some screenshots of WIP’s. 🙂 *rages at Photoshop for being uncooperative while working*

Medusa – Style?

Medusa - Style?

As I was preparing to draw the turnaround character sheet for Medusa, I kinda realised that my usual style was a bit difficult for me to draw all the way around – also time consuming and I had to bear in mind time restraints. Not to mention this being my first turnaround sheet. So I considered drawing her in one of my other,simpler styles to see which worked. Although in this sketch page here, I liked both I went for style A rather than B as I think it’s more light and appropriate for the project.

Character Design Tips – Using Silhouettes

Character Design Tips – Using Silhouettes

This is by the same blogger as the previous post. In this post he talked about how to use “silhouetting” for a strong pose and character design. I also remember my tutor mentioning this and I’ve heard it mention a lot on art forums and journals and the like but never really used this idea to strengthen my drawings or designs. Now would be a good time to start I suppose 😀

Character Design – Tips and Notes

Character Design – Tips and Notes

So I happened to come across this blog post whilst looking for character turnaround sheet references and I must say, it was quite useful.  🙂 It gave me an idea on the whole character designing process (one that I don’t usually follow strictly) and other tips for drawing and coming up with the turnaround sheets~ There were a lot of examples from Disney movies and such so it was familiar and easy to follow!

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