The final task! – Critical analysis,, Last post until further notice?

(I already wrote this twice before, not sure why WordPress keeps deleting what I write…)




The last task was to write a critical self analysis of our work. I finally finished the animation and this is the final task! Hurray! On to the analysing.

Overall my animation worked. In all honesty I feel like a fool for coming up with such a complex idea but I finished it – barely – on time. It was a “brave” attempt but I suppose I need to learn to not “bite off more than I can chew”…  😛

The animation generally fits with theme “state of change” and the topic “flesh to bone” but in reverse. However there were flaws everywhere – and it was noted during class about the issue with the hair volume being inconsistent and perhaps some more in betweens would’ve benefited the short, but with given time restraints I had to give up on being such a perfectionist and corrections.

If I were to do this project again I would most definately NOT use this style or such a complex idea again (talk about increasing the workload x200 @A@) unless I was given more time to work on it, had a higher ability to animate and draw and/ or I was using a programme other than Flash to animate.





…and that is the last task, and probably the last post! I’m not entirely sure if I will use this blog again in the future, since so far it has served me for my uni work. It’s possible I would use it for my own personal stuff instead but I’m more than likely to just make another blog for that – which I will post a link to here for all you lovely, amazing followers and readers who actually read and liked my random ramblings and posts here! Thank you to you all too :’) It was encouraging to see people reading, following and liking my blog! ❤ Stay fabulous! 😀


Task 3, Part 2 – “Changing Batteries”

I was also tasked to think of other animations that fit with our given theme “state of change”. There are various interpretations but most people tend to look at the physical idea of “change”. Emotional or abstract change can also fit into “State of Change”. A good example is this animated short.”Changing Batteries” actually made me cry – and I don’t cry easily! In this short, one example could be how the robot started out as a mechanical being – nothing more nor less. However as time goes on he (it? It seemed boyish in nature..?) learns to behave and act like a human and learns emotions. (Though as he is a robot he may not necessarily “feel” it but a mental state perhaps.) He shows when he is excited – as when he saw the circus on the television or when he got tickets and was jumping like a giddy child, he shows when he cares – when covered the old lady with a blanket, he shows when he is happy – as when his batteries were changed or when the lady bought him a can of oil( again in a quite child-like manner), and he shows when he is sad – as when he sat with a forlorn posture alone after the lady had passed on. The change from being an emotionless mechanical robot to something that became a being that was able to show emotion and live like a human child with the old lady could fit into the theme I think. Another change would be the old lady. She is old, constantly growing older over time while in contrast the robot boy is unchanging. Eventually she dies. This could also count as a state of change. There are more little things, such as the plants being lush and green and changing over time to eventually die, just like the lady, despite the unchanging robot not changing his habit of watering them, though discussing more would turn into an essay.Now go watch it and cry guys. :’)

April 2020