Task 4 – Influences

For task 4, as the title indicates, we have to think about what characterises and influences our style of animation. 


Let me take a moment here. Being bluntly honest I’m going to question if it is bad for me, as an animation student, to not know many animators? If I was asked to come up with a name off the top of my head then unfortunately I would be giving you a blank face. *Please forgive me Meryl!* ;^; In all honesty I was originally inspired to study animation because of Japanese anime. Also maybe Disney. (I’m going to assume many people tutted in disapproval at the anime part..) Perhaps they’ve influenced my illustrative style, atleast anime and manga has pretty much shaped my  regular drawing style and Disney, as well as Tim Burton, was definitely a big influence on my more newer, developing styles. My first cycle animation piece was almost painfully obvious that the idea came from Disney’s Oswald. However neither of the latter two influenced my current piece (or atleast not that I see or have thought of.) I was quite at a loss when I was thinking for this task, so I talked to some class mates to see if that would help. We came to the conclusion that it was realism and manga mixed together to result in the style I have used in this animation. Realism is definitely something I have been practising to improve on recently, as well as that until this year I had mainly I had been focusing on fine art.Manga is what I started out with and will probably always have traces in any style I try to do. I’m not sure if I’ve answered what I was asked to do for the task but this probably all I could say, even after thinking more on it. I thought about what I wanted from this animation – an animation that will make people think I am amazing and talented and clearly the best (pfff modest, I know. 😉 ), good grades and something “different”. Maybe I hadn’t gotten my idea completely outside the box but I tried something I was uncomfortable doing, something that would take a LOT more patience, time and effort than if I had simply chosen another idea or style and something I would usually not consider. With these in mind I didn’t quite take in any particular examples, not consciously so I can’t say. I just used what I had as my skill set.


Quite enough of the rambling don’t you think? For those who haven’t seen any previous posts or have NO IDEA what I’m talking about – my animation is based on the topic “flesh to bone”, one of the topics our group had decided. However they didn’t have to necessarily be in that order so I decided to reverse it. The overall outlook of what I got after working on it a while was that it felt uncomfortable and wrong but it still worked. Atleast that is how I saw it. The subject is a child I painted – Remy. The animation starts as a skeleton and instead of building upto flesh as a human would ,with muscles and tissue and things, I instead made it build up like a painting. The skin would build up like paint covering him and pouring down, shadows and highlights eventually becoming visible, hair gradually growing as I paint it as he moves his partially developed head on the digital canvas. It end with his eyes opening, blinking as the little bits of his iris’ and light glints appear and parts the end with a smile.

Black Butler: Mey-Rin

Black Butler: Mey-Rin

Hey guys! Long time no post~ Being at uni really keeps you busy and on your toes, you know? So much so that since I had 2 deadlines before this project my routine was pretty much eat,uni,work – occasionally include naps. But that’s beside the point. Since I was slacking (hehe e¬e) I now have to catch up with my 4 remaining weekly tasks!! So here’s task 3 – Discussing the semiotics of a character by my favourite artist~ So my chosen character is Mey-Rin – a maid from the manga Black Butler by Yana Toboso. Let’s get analysing!

Looking at her design – she appears to be a simple maid. Her maid outfit is somewhat plain and the design hints at the time period she is from – Victorian period. The blanked out giant round glasses hint at bad eyesight. The boots are laced up and her bonnet holds her hair back. With this I believe her design is meant to represent functionality and simplicity – she is a maid, nothing more. For someone who is unaware of the story this is what they assume. However her true nature is that she is an assassin and so I believe the mangaka intentionally designed her this way to hide her true nature. Some people may have already guessed this though.

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