Red Bull Gives you Wings~

Red Bull Gives you Wings~ – Continuing my research for my project in the Visual Literacy class, our project is based on having to have the drink Red Bull commission our faux illustration studio to design a new character and ad for them. This useful link consists someone’s study into Red Bull and the history of it in simple words which I found most helpful.  The points I noted on were:


* The slogan is (obviously) not literal, it is metaphorical therefore the new character doesn’t necessarily have to fly/grow wings, just display a sense of alleviation within the character and mor lively, energetic.

* There were no specific , target set audience when regarding age. They had to appeal to general ages but had in mind those who would mostly drink it; young people, students, people at work who do late nights, people with demanding work etc.

* Was originally based  and adapted from the Thai tonic drink “Krating Daeng”, changing it to appeal more for the western palette

The Adventure Begins!

Hello world! I’m Rima, an aspiring illustrator and animator from the northwest of England who has started to get serious, starting with this blog. From here on I’ll be posting my work,inspirations,influences,notes, works-in-progress – literally everything that comes my way on my journey to become a successful,reknowned artist! Oh, and it’s dangerous to go alone – so I invested in a new super awesome intuos pro to battle the demons along the way~Image

September 2020