Red Bull Billboard Ad Design – Medusa

red bull billboard

I’ve more or less, with this image, finished all the practical elements of the project. The last practical assignment for this project was to design a billboard ad for Red Bull. Since the character I had designed was Medusa, I thought this was an amusing idea. The basic design and layout is based on the Heineken ad I had mentioned in an earlier post and I twisted Red Bull’s slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” to match the Heineken ad’s curtness. On to the group’s critique and submission! 😀

Medusa Turnaround Sheet – Final

Medusa Turnaround Sheet - Final

I finally finished the turnaround sheet! (Hurray!) 😀 Being my first time doing a turnaround sheet I struggled to get it right and measured correctly so they were the same at first, but with help from guides and grids and stuff, I got there! I took some tips from the previous blog link and took note of having one arm bent and one arm straight to help later on. I think I did okay, a lot more simple than I’m used to doing but doesn’t look too shabby if I say so myself. What do you guys think? Constructive criticism/critique is always welcome! Now…I just wait and see what my group thinks.

Medusa: More analysis

Medusa: More analysis

The more I search, the more Ideas I get! another link on Medusa and her appearance. This says pretty much what the other say with the addition of:

* Black tongue that was too big for her mouth

*Serpent wings

*Clawed hands

*Previously she was portrayed in several ways – as a winged horse like Pegasus, as a “woman with equine hindquarters and wings in her hair” and then later, after seeing some portraits of her, the current idea of a reptilian snake haired, scaley clawed woman.



Trying to draw a mythical being can be hard – I refuse to look at images as this may give me a stereotypical and common idea as to what to draw, so I felt it best to search texts that describe and interpret the different appearances Medusa supposedly had. There is more insight in this link but what I gathered regarding the appearance is : 


*Hair of reptilian snakes, and scales.

*Has wings, but possible they also turned to snakes

* Has boar tusks


….I really am beginning to feel sorry for her. :c

Medusa and Pegasus

Medusa and Pegasus

After spending all week stuck on who to draw for my character design, I went off to watch Percy Jackson and Disney’s Hercules for “research” *wink wink* 😉 and inspiration. Well guess what guys? I GOT AN IDEA!! //lightbulb moment. From Percy Jackson I loved the idea of drawing Medusa and from Hercules I was in love with Pegasus. How convenient for me that the two are actually linked in the same story in the myths? Not sure if Medusa actually counts as a Greek God but seeing as it’s link edI think it should be fine. The story of Medusa (and Pegasus) that I got from this link; cut short:

*Medusa is the sole mortal from the three Gorgon sisters and vows to be a priestess for Athena, meaning she must remain celibate > however she is charmed and married Poseidon, the consequence being she breaks her promise to Athena and is cursed by her. The result is…not so pretty. > She flees and wandered around (Africa apparently?) and develops a character befitting her appearance. (I would too to be fair.) > Perseus comes along and kills her and upon her death her snakes/hair become Pegasus. The End.

Now wasn’t that a cheerful story kids? Either way it gave me a great idea for the ad banner/poster and character design. It also fits well for this week’s  task – Thinking about memorable characters for other brands and also listing cliché /opposite traits for our own.

For Medusa, and also Pegasus, it works pretty well and is straightforward. The Medusa everyone knows:

*Has snakes for hair

*Is evil

*Turns others to stone with her gaze

*Skin doesn’t look too great..

The opposites of these would in fact be Medusa’s original form wouldn’t they? Those being:

*Lush, gold locks

* Pretty Skin

*Is loving and kind

*Has bright blue eyes (ones that seduce a God 😉 )

So whichever version of Medusa I create, I would still be able to use the opposite and would still be Medusa anyway? Sounds good.

As for Pegasus? Not sure what the opposite would be for a winged horse but I would assume:

*White > black

*Feathered wings > bare wings

* Brave, confident posture > cowardly or perhaps more sinister pose??

Not sure what else to do there.

I’ll keep thinking of ideas and sketch once I finish the logo design! 🙂



Even within Greek mythology I could find ways to satiate my obsession with dragons. Or atleast something similar. I thought of the Hydra after remembering the movie Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. I found this link and took some notes.

Things I noted:

* Rather than a dragon, as depicted often, it’s actually a giant snake body.

*The number of heads deviated between 5-100, it varied but 9 heads was seen as the standard.

*Heads, if cut, grew back. Some variations say two grew back in place of one.

*Couldn’t be harmed by weapons

*CERBERUS’ SIBLING?!? *has a Harry Potter moment*


With these notes I got a couple of ideas but haven’t totally decided on choosing to draw Hydra for my final character design. I may do some sketches anyway to explore the idea further anyway.

July 2020