Greek Mythical Creature Character Design – Sketchdump

greek myth sketchdumpYep, a sketchdump or something of the Greek beasties I found most interesting/ considered using as final. I think I’ll leave it at this until I’ve spoken to everyone else in the group about their opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚


As well as having my own personal blog, I’m working with a group for our class in uni. We came together and our faux illustration studio was named “Metamorphosis” (Lord knows why, I’ll just roll with it.) Our first task was to design a logo for our group. My initial ideas were the conspicuous ones of cocoons and butterflies but I wasn’t happy with such an obvious idea, so I tried for alternatives, more simpler perhaps or obscure. Then I looked back into Greek mythology and came across the alphabet, and their meanings. “The capital letter delta (ฮ”, which has the convenient form of anย isosceles triangle) is commonly used in subjects of science and mathematics, often to describe change” I found this to be a great idea to use as part of our logo! The letter Delta = change (in maths and science, and now I shall link it to art ๐Ÿ˜€ ) With this, off I go to design the logo~

Working on..Mythical Creatures!!

So for my Visual Literacy class at uni, we’re looking into character designing and such, and our theme includes mythical creatures. I noticed that in class most people jumped straight to the idea of beasties from Greek mythology but what about everything else? Personally I have more interest in asian mythical creatures and stories as well as a slight obsession with dragons. In fact I drew a chibi dragon just before this project too~ >> Sakura Dragon Chihiro My inspiration for this drawing and the first artist I looked at for this project was ShrimpHEBY. When I first saw this artist’s work I was instantly in love, She has her own style, I loved her way of painting and use of colours as well as the fact that she often worked with mythical creatures. Her two OC’s, Xuan Long and Qi Rui are in fact based on a dragon and a kirin, two creatures from asian myths (Oh how I adore them *ยฌ* ) I felt ShrimpHEBY’s art would be a good starting point, then moved on to researching other mythical creatures and selecting the ones which would be most appropriate for the project.

September 2020