Another WIP Screenshot of Remi~

Another WIP Screenshot of Remi~

Here, have another screenshot!! 😀 I love painting eyes but gosh, do they take a while to paint until I’m satisfied. Another WIP of Remi~ 🙂 Well..of his eyes.

Remi Reference Painting WIP

Remi Reference Painting WIP

Here’s a screenshot for you! The character who is to be featured in my animation for the “bone to flesh” short for my uni project. He’s called Remi and this is a reference painting, extra developmental and just all round fun painting, current WIP. I wanted to try the lineless painting idea as it would work best for the animation I had in mind. Of course getting this amount of detail in the colouring and drawing may be extremely difficult in Flash but I’ll experiment to see what works best for the animation itself. This is painted in a software called Paint Tool SAI, if you were curious….I love him. *¬*

Changed my mind! New idea~

Hello people, it’s me again! So in my previous post(s) I had said I had decided on the human to wolf option for my animation. However after exploring some ideas and talking to my tutor I got a brilliant idea for the “flesh to bone” option. We were told it is acceptable to do the reverse also – i.e. Bone to flesh in this case. Before you say, or even think it, no it is not going to be anything zombie related. #sorrynotsorry ;3 So yeah. The idea I decided to roll with (for real this time!) is to start with a skeleton – bones. Duh. However, I was thinking of building up the flesh more along the lines of how a painting works, such as adding lines, adding base colour, adding shade,highlights,details and building up gradually – building a human with flesh with paint. (Digitally of course) But then the issue my tutor had pointed out to me was that would that be actual animation or would it just be a matter of showing the process of how I paint? That wasn’t my intention of course but I did see her point but the solution was simple. Animate the character to be moving as well as animate how he builds up! I decided to do a reference painting of him before starting the fine lines and colour on the animation, as well as starting on the rough sketch, stick men animation to see how it’d pan out. Hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!! Watch this space for progress~ ;3

Animation Reference Research

So I started having a look around for my ideas for the animated short I’m making for the project. First step is always having a look at other examples!! Combing through Youtube Videos- both animated and live examples from shows are great~ I think I’m getting some ideas but nothing definite yet 🙂

I have returned!! Mwahaha!! :D – This time it’s an animation project~

Hello world! Or people of the internets who happened to pass by my blog post here on WordPress. I have, as I (sort of) said I would, returned to my blog my posting with a new project! The new project in our Visual Literacy class this time consists of creating an ANIMATION! YAY!! (I do love animation, as much as I hate the stress and pressure and just wanting to pull my hair out it’s still quite a selfish,satisfying and fun occupation to have~) We are still required to work within our groups for the project (boo. ;^; ) however this time we will be judged more on our actual work than group and team work.  Our theme remains as “State of Change” and our brief, in a nutshell is as follows:

The organisers of the Bradford Animation Festival have
invited your agency to submit short, animated films on
theme of ‘change of state’ to be entered into their
‘Professional Films’ category.

We were given a list of options for our animation shorts, and our groups could pick two. The two we chose were “human flesh to bone” and “human to werewolf”. I will be working on the latter!

This is sure to be fun, despite the short time given to complete this. Time to get working!! 😀

Character Design Tips – Using Silhouettes

Character Design Tips – Using Silhouettes

This is by the same blogger as the previous post. In this post he talked about how to use “silhouetting” for a strong pose and character design. I also remember my tutor mentioning this and I’ve heard it mention a lot on art forums and journals and the like but never really used this idea to strengthen my drawings or designs. Now would be a good time to start I suppose 😀

Character Design – Tips and Notes

Character Design – Tips and Notes

So I happened to come across this blog post whilst looking for character turnaround sheet references and I must say, it was quite useful.  🙂 It gave me an idea on the whole character designing process (one that I don’t usually follow strictly) and other tips for drawing and coming up with the turnaround sheets~ There were a lot of examples from Disney movies and such so it was familiar and easy to follow!

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