The final task! – Critical analysis,, Last post until further notice?

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The last task was to write a critical self analysis of our work. I finally finished the animation and this is the final task! Hurray! On to the analysing.

Overall my animation worked. In all honesty I feel like a fool for coming up with such a complex idea but I finished it – barely – on time. It was a “brave” attempt but I suppose I need to learn to not “bite off more than I can chew”…  😛

The animation generally fits with theme “state of change” and the topic “flesh to bone” but in reverse. However there were flaws everywhere – and it was noted during class about the issue with the hair volume being inconsistent and perhaps some more in betweens would’ve benefited the short, but with given time restraints I had to give up on being such a perfectionist and corrections.

If I were to do this project again I would most definately NOT use this style or such a complex idea again (talk about increasing the workload x200 @A@) unless I was given more time to work on it, had a higher ability to animate and draw and/ or I was using a programme other than Flash to animate.





…and that is the last task, and probably the last post! I’m not entirely sure if I will use this blog again in the future, since so far it has served me for my uni work. It’s possible I would use it for my own personal stuff instead but I’m more than likely to just make another blog for that – which I will post a link to here for all you lovely, amazing followers and readers who actually read and liked my random ramblings and posts here! Thank you to you all too :’) It was encouraging to see people reading, following and liking my blog! ❤ Stay fabulous! 😀


Task 2!! – Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade

For task 2 I am to look into Andreas Hykade and his work and career. Also to have a look at his short film “Love and Theft” which is the one above.

Looking Hykade’s history he’s a Bavarian born animator who started working as an animator in 1991 in London. He studied at a couple of places and worked as a free film maker for a decade before becoming a professor of animation in 2005.

Many of his works have won various awards – particularly “We Lived in Grass”, “Ring of Fire” (wow did that one leave an impression..), “The Runt” and the one I’m about to analyse, “Love and Theft”. This short film had won the BAF award in 2010.

Analysing this video truly is a brain melting task! Like whoa. So here, read my notes on what I spotted in there after watching twice:
Hello Kitty, a baby, Mickey/Mortimer Mouse?!, Donald Duck, Spiderman, Goofy??, Charlie Brown, a Panda?, Spongebob, Tweety, Bert from Sesame Street, Powerpuff Girls???, Betty Boop!, Snoopy, Droopy, Spike, Gromit, historical figures??/ fictional figures?, (Santa, Hitler, Shakespeare?!), a yin yang, an alligator, violins..?, scream ( from the painting) everything in between.

Progressively aggressive with the music, orderly and distinct >> chaotic mess, calm in the middle >> calm end. Starts with various characters, people old and young, gets more perverse near the end? Perhaps going along with the flow of life?

Some thoughts. It was a child, and it zoomed out of his head. And all that we saw was what the child’s head was filled with. Cartoons, Sex, illuminati messages, general pop culture, etc. What most young minds are filled with these days through TV, internet, outside, inside.

Some parts had specific messages? E.g. Mickey straight after Hitler = Walt Disney was pro Nazi?

My head has exploded with this. It is an amazing piece of animation though! One of my favourites.

Medusa: More analysis

Medusa: More analysis

The more I search, the more Ideas I get! another link on Medusa and her appearance. This says pretty much what the other say with the addition of:

* Black tongue that was too big for her mouth

*Serpent wings

*Clawed hands

*Previously she was portrayed in several ways – as a winged horse like Pegasus, as a “woman with equine hindquarters and wings in her hair” and then later, after seeing some portraits of her, the current idea of a reptilian snake haired, scaley clawed woman.

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