The final task! – Critical analysis,, Last post until further notice?

(I already wrote this twice before, not sure why WordPress keeps deleting what I write…)




The last task was to write a critical self analysis of our work. I finally finished the animation and this is the final task! Hurray! On to the analysing.

Overall my animation worked. In all honesty I feel like a fool for coming up with such a complex idea but I finished it – barely – on time. It was a “brave” attempt but I suppose I need to learn to not “bite off more than I can chew”…  😛

The animation generally fits with theme “state of change” and the topic “flesh to bone” but in reverse. However there were flaws everywhere – and it was noted during class about the issue with the hair volume being inconsistent and perhaps some more in betweens would’ve benefited the short, but with given time restraints I had to give up on being such a perfectionist and corrections.

If I were to do this project again I would most definately NOT use this style or such a complex idea again (talk about increasing the workload x200 @A@) unless I was given more time to work on it, had a higher ability to animate and draw and/ or I was using a programme other than Flash to animate.





…and that is the last task, and probably the last post! I’m not entirely sure if I will use this blog again in the future, since so far it has served me for my uni work. It’s possible I would use it for my own personal stuff instead but I’m more than likely to just make another blog for that – which I will post a link to here for all you lovely, amazing followers and readers who actually read and liked my random ramblings and posts here! Thank you to you all too :’) It was encouraging to see people reading, following and liking my blog! ❤ Stay fabulous! 😀


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Hey there, I'm Rima - a 20 year old animation and illustration student from England. I draw and I animate to work towards my career as well as it being my hobby, but I'm interested in many other things too. Watch this space and you'll know! :)

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