Task 2!! – Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade

For task 2 I am to look into Andreas Hykade and his work and career. Also to have a look at his short film “Love and Theft” which is the one above.

Looking Hykade’s history he’s a Bavarian born animator who started working as an animator in 1991 in London. He studied at a couple of places and worked as a free film maker for a decade before becoming a professor of animation in 2005.

Many of his works have won various awards – particularly “We Lived in Grass”, “Ring of Fire” (wow did that one leave an impression..), “The Runt” and the one I’m about to analyse, “Love and Theft”. This short film had won the BAF award in 2010.

Analysing this video truly is a brain melting task! Like whoa. So here, read my notes on what I spotted in there after watching twice:
Hello Kitty, a baby, Mickey/Mortimer Mouse?!, Donald Duck, Spiderman, Goofy??, Charlie Brown, a Panda?, Spongebob, Tweety, Bert from Sesame Street, Powerpuff Girls???, Betty Boop!, Snoopy, Droopy, Spike, Gromit, historical figures??/ fictional figures?, (Santa, Hitler, Shakespeare?!), a yin yang, an alligator, violins..?, scream ( from the painting)..plus everything in between.

Progressively aggressive with the music, orderly and distinct >> chaotic mess, calm in the middle >> calm end. Starts with various characters, people old and young, gets more perverse near the end? Perhaps going along with the flow of life?

Some thoughts. It was a child, and it zoomed out of his head. And all that we saw was what the child’s head was filled with. Cartoons, Sex, illuminati messages, general pop culture, etc. What most young minds are filled with these days through TV, internet, outside, inside.

Some parts had specific messages? E.g. Mickey straight after Hitler = Walt Disney was pro Nazi?

My head has exploded with this. It is an amazing piece of animation though! One of my favourites.

Catching up with the weekly tasks! – Task 1~ ( for animation)

I have a confession to make. I have been very bad and left all my weekly research task till the week before submission. Am I going to face death penalty for this? No, but I will start them pronto and stress incessantly until deadlines are over!! Beginning with task 1 (well actually it’s task 8 but it’s the first task for the second project of the module – animation XD).

The task is to research my “client” – to focus on the work of the National Media Museum in Bradford, and in particular it’s film fests. One of them is the Bradford Animation Festival, who is the “client”.

What is the National Media Museum?

-> Well..it’s a museum (duh.) in Bradford.

-> It apparently aims to “be the best museum in world for inspiring people to learn about, engage with and create media.”

-> Basically has various floors dedicated to,investigating, showcasing and celebrating film, photography, animation, T.V and new media (not entirely sure what the latter would consist of that’s not already mentioned..? Perhaps things that cross boundaries into other areas? Such as game animations or something?)

-> Houses items of historical significance – National photography,cinematography,television and new media

-> Has 3 cinemas – including and IMAX – and is home of BBC in Bradford.

-> All of the above is trivial trivia, the important point is that it hold cultural and educational events and festivals. Festivals like the Bradford Animation Festival. The festival basically is an animation and video games fest held annually in November. Guests are invited, some who are big in the area and top in the industry, and has workshops, screentalks and events and such.

A quick run through 2013’s submissions was entertaining, amusing and also some gave you food for thought. (For an animation student like yours truly looking at those works in comparison to my own kind of brings out my competitive side~ I want to be the best!!) There were different categories, such as short shorts, commercial, student films, pro films and many use different tactics and styles. Some were witty and funny where others were more serious, some had controversial topics where the rest were nothing more than entertainment perhaps. My two best picks from the winners and special mentions of 2013 were the 1) commercial winner: Rollin’ Safari – The Chase  and 2) music special mention: KILLER MIKE ‘REAGAN’ 


Whew! And that’s Task 1 people~



April 2014