Animation WIP Screenshot

Animation WIP Screenshot

Hello all! As you noticed I went AWOL for..a little..while…yeah. But hey ho, I’m back now~ And making progress on my animation! (totally not when the last minute panic kicks in shhhhhh 😉 ) I’m using Adobe Flash here, ’cause we have to.
Originally the animation was meant to be double framed, however it didn’t quite work with my idea so after discussing with my tutor I cranked it up to triple frames!
Also while working on it there was something bothering me about it. Why did it feel..not right? I was doing my animation perfectly, and the drawings were fine, so why did it bug me? I mentioned this to my tutor also and came to the conclusion that it was more to do with the content than the execution. 1) The flesh to bone sequence is in reverse – Bone to flesh. Being backwards makes it a bit confusing and 2) the subject is a child, which makes it a little uncomfortable. After establishing this I felt more comfortable working on it and it didn’t bother me anymore. owo Onwards!! *continues to animate*

About Rimakuma

Hey there, I'm Rima - a 20 year old animation and illustration student from England. I draw and I animate to work towards my career as well as it being my hobby, but I'm interested in many other things too. Watch this space and you'll know! :)

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April 2014
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