Last post! (for now)

So guys today is the last day of this project, and this will be the last post! Not to worry though, I wont be gone too long~ :3 I realise I hadn’t posted all my weekly tasks but I tried. Here’s one last task – Perspectives! Unfortunately I can’t find and image to go with the post (Quite inconvenient) but one example that I think works quite well is when the view is from the top and looks down on the character, but not quite birds eye view. This angle may be to express things like terror, fear or some sort, or perhaps thought? I don’t feel like I have it all down yet but that is what I could come up with. And with that I bid you adieu! Until my next project requires me to return to this eventful blog. :’D

About Rimakuma

Hey there, I'm Rima - a 20 year old animation and illustration student from England. I draw and I animate to work towards my career as well as it being my hobby, but I'm interested in many other things too. Watch this space and you'll know! :)

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February 2014
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