Black Butler: Mey-Rin

Black Butler: Mey-Rin

Hey guys! Long time no post~ Being at uni really keeps you busy and on your toes, you know? So much so that since I had 2 deadlines before this project my routine was pretty much eat,uni,work – occasionally include naps. But that’s beside the point. Since I was slacking (hehe e¬e) I now have to catch up with my 4 remaining weekly tasks!! So here’s task 3 – Discussing the semiotics of a character by my favourite artist~ So my chosen character is Mey-Rin – a maid from the manga Black Butler by Yana Toboso. Let’s get analysing!

Looking at her design – she appears to be a simple maid. Her maid outfit is somewhat plain and the design hints at the time period she is from – Victorian period. The blanked out giant round glasses hint at bad eyesight. The boots are laced up and her bonnet holds her hair back. With this I believe her design is meant to represent functionality and simplicity – she is a maid, nothing more. For someone who is unaware of the story this is what they assume. However her true nature is that she is an assassin and so I believe the mangaka intentionally designed her this way to hide her true nature. Some people may have already guessed this though.

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Hey there, I'm Rima - a 20 year old animation and illustration student from England. I draw and I animate to work towards my career as well as it being my hobby, but I'm interested in many other things too. Watch this space and you'll know! :)

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