Mascot Analysing

Mascot Analysing

Chester Cheetah – the mascot for Cheetos crisps – has always been on of my favourite mascots, As a kid I used to eat Cheetos partially because he was on the packet. Guess he’s doing his job well, huh? But what exactly is it that makes him a successful mascot? Up until now there have been quite a few changes and tweaks to him throughout the years but I’ll focus on the Chester Cheetah that is current.

* Cheetah > Cheetos. Easily associated and memorable
*The slogan “Dangerously cheesy” fits with the fact he is a cheetah – a wild animal
*Similar colour scheme
*Cool,suave and now intelligent, he appeals to his audience. First he was appealing to younger ages but when the company decided they wanted to appeal to the older demographic also they tweaked his design. In ads they gave him a sharp accent, he’s not mean but is cynical and intelligent – as seen in the ad where he is playing chess. For kids he had, and still has, a “too cool” attitude, giving the impression to kids that if they eat Cheetos, they will be cool. Or something.

I probably missed a lot of points but it would take a while and require going into it’s history. Either way, Chester Cheetah is a successful, memorable and cool mascot, always will be for me. :’)

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