Even within Greek mythology I could find ways to satiate my obsession with dragons. Or atleast something similar. I thought of the Hydra after remembering the movie Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. I found this link and took some notes.

Things I noted:

* Rather than a dragon, as depicted often, it’s actually a giant snake body.

*The number of heads deviated between 5-100, it varied but 9 heads was seen as the standard.

*Heads, if cut, grew back. Some variations say two grew back in place of one.

*Couldn’t be harmed by weapons

*CERBERUS’ SIBLING?!? *has a Harry Potter moment*


With these notes I got a couple of ideas but haven’t totally decided on choosing to draw Hydra for my final character design. I may do some sketches anyway to explore the idea further anyway.

Research Ranting & Disney’s Hercules!

Research Ranting & Disney’s Hercules! << Wikia page.

You know guys, for people like me (and probably most of everyone else too) researching is a pain in the patootie. Really. I draw and colour and get all excited about amazing art and all that jazz, not so much to reading. Actually scratch that, I do like to read – fiction novels. Not history and what not, it bores me to death. However! Fear not! There can be fun ways too (occasionally.) For animators and illustrators like me, research can go from dull to fun with the simple idea that watching videos and movies can count as research too~ Isn’t that great?! Researching and reading pages and books endlessly really wear you out. In my case I was researching Greek mythological beasties and gods. What’s the first thing that came into my head? Yeap, that’s right – Disney’s Hercules!! ❤ As a kid I loved that movie, and I also remember Meg being my favourite heroine ever. Now before the hate parade comes and corrects me or something, I know full well that it’s not all accurate, blah blah blah. BUT. It’s a starting point, a fun one that will keep me interested and give me ideas. I took a sneaky peek at the Disney Wikia page (Wiki, I know. So bad. Q^Q) and familiarised myself with the story again briefly and also read some trivia, facts and stuff. This gave me SOME ideas, but not enough. So now off I go to watch the movie – see you later~ 😉

January 2014